Wednesday, April 26, 2006

checking in and out

I promised myself I was only logging on today to print my boarding pass and nothing else. Okay, I thought, I'll just open the blog for a second; maybe just check in, maybe say hi.

No, I heard myself say, don't do it, you fool! You know what it leads to; you'll want to write, you'll open bloglines, you'll never get out! But as so often happens when I know better than to do something, I went ahead and did it anyway. Just to defy myself. You know, to prove who's boss. And now I'm already behind.

I'm taking off for Houston in the early AM and I've still got a million things to do ~ there's laundry to wash, packing to pack, closets to organize and bathrooms to clean. There are hydrangeas to plant and roses to be pruned. I believe that all these things must be done before I go because you never know what life will bring and what if I never come back? God forbid I leave poor Turk with disorganized closets and un-deadheaded roses. I want him to remember me well, as a woman who knew how to keep house and plant a garden. In spite of all prior evidence to the contrary.

All of this should have been done and I have tried to do it but life kept getting in the way, and I'd rather play with pals in Pasadena, where we saw a terrific little show of ukiyo-e by the way, and I really wanted to blog it because it was just so lovely, and there was this wonderful poem written by one of the geisha, but of course I didn't have a camera with me what with losing my mind and all and there isn't time now anyway because it's 3:40 I see and I gave myself 10 minutes to say hey(!) and now it's been 17 minutes and I still have to get to gym and lose 9 pounds so I fit into the good (read: skinny) jeans that are already packed. And the bathrooms still aren't clean and it looks like they won't be now, but you know what? Geisha don't clean bathrooms and neither do I. I choose to be Geisha.

Sayonara and a bientot!

Friday, April 21, 2006

blah blah blog and I'm sorry, of course

I have been terribly remiss in my blog time, as in I haven't been blogging at all. The thing is, I've been really busy, you know? And even now there's no time to say how. But I am so sick of myself coming on and saying I've been really busy, you know? Because, of course, so have you and you've managed to write, haven't you? Right. My point exactly.

I thought about writing. Quite a bit. In fact, I've written a dozen entries in my head, where they languished attractively for a while, poolside, as it were ~ ordering drinks, flirting with waiters ~ but where now, of course, they no longer exist, my head being the unreliable storage facility that it is. And the thing is, I never wanted to write a blah blah blog, but now, of course, that's exactly what I've gone and done.

Blah. And damn, of course. Sorry.

Friday, April 07, 2006

she's too sexy for the office

In an interview for the March/April issue of Hollywood Life Sharon Stone was asked about Hillary Clinton. She replied:

I think Hillary's fantastic. But I think it's too soon for Hillary to run. This may sound odd, but a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. She still has sexual power, and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening.

Oh Sharon, you crazy, beautiful, narcissistic nutcase, you. Why yes, you're right, it does sound odd!

Are you really trying to say that the American male is so wimpy, so terrified of castration that he cannot, will not tolerate a woman in power who still has her 'sexual power'? Are you actually of the opinion that American women are such shabby, jealous, narrow-minded little creatures that we feel threatened by one of our own?

Oh, you poor, wounded bird of a movie star, what have we done to you, that you should think so little of us? That you should despise us so?

If a man had said something so patently chauvinistic we'd have crucified him for criminal idiocy.

What, exactly, does it mean for a woman to be "past her sexuality?" Must she be post-menopausal to throw her (manly) hat into the ring? Or must she merely be post-pin-up perky? Past powder puffs and perfume?

Is it possible that Ms Stone is equating, as so many in society do, sexual power with physical attractiveness? Pretty women are perceived as sexual by the general population; plain women less so. And what of the women who are never 'past-it' ~ might they never run?

Of course, some are never really 'into it' at all; perhaps they are the ideal candidates for higher office. Asexual eunuchs make great presidents! At the very least, they never get caught with interns and starlets. And there's all that extra, non-sexual energy that can be used for enhanced tariff protection, veto power and stuff. Something. The possibilities are endless.

I'm not sure how old La Stone feels that a woman should be in order to exercise the same liberty to run for office that all males over 35 enjoy. Female sexuality and power do not end with the ability to reproduce, and women well into their 80's and even 90's have been known to have satisfying sexual relationships. With whom, I have no idea. Men in their 30's perhaps. But someday, I aim to find out.

Yes, it is true that celebrities have opinions, bless their foolish little hearts, and that is certainly their right. If only people would stop asking them to share.