Tuesday, March 20, 2012

green parrots

I brought orange roses and red geraniums.
Their edges glowed as if lit from within
infused by the winter sun.

A flock of green parrots gathered noisily in a nearby tree
as the white dog lay placid.

It was a moment I wanted to catch, but didn't quite.
The colors leapt and then bled,
a memory already fleeing.

Like the shiny Mylar balloons affixed to graveside markers
that loudly exclaim,
"Happy Valentine's Day!"

A pretty thought,
but highly unlikely
under the circumstances.


Robbie said...

"A pretty thought,
but highly unlikely
under the circumstances."

May you never lose your wit!

There's something very soothing about your pic and prose, serene really. It makes me want to be there except I know you are graveside which kind seems a place one wouldn't find those things. I'm glad you are though. :-D

Paul said...

I've always thought Robbie to be astute, but how could she refer to this poignant poem as "prose"?

Gigi said...

It's funny, I didn't think about what I was writing as much as how silly I was for writing something that no one would ever read. :D Thank you! I absolutely love you guys for caring.

MzAmy said...


Paul said...

I do check on you, in case you were wondering.

Gigi said...

Thank you,Paul! That is really nice to know. This space has become like my own private diary, in that no one reads it but me, and even I grow weary of the relentless sadness and lack of spark. Jayz, I can barely compose a comment without bringing the room down! :D So it means a lot to me that someone whose opinion I respect a great deal thinks there was once something there, there. ;) Sincerely, thank you for being a friend!